Saturday, April 19, 2008

T Rajendar - King of Acting

The Bearded Sensei shows his histrionic ability in this classic.

Friday, April 18, 2008

T Rajendar - English Lesson

Classic one where the Bearded Sensei displays his legal skills which prevents many kills of peopills

T Rajendar - Murders English

Watch and learn from the bearded sensei

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Captain Vijaykanth - On Punctualitty

Pearls of wisdom from Swadesi

Captain Vijaykanth - Cigarette

Sequence in Gajendra where Captain lights up cigarette with his blood - Never underestimate the power of blood. His blood boiled at the atrocities inflicted upon the tamil people.

Capain Vijaykanth - Media Player

Watch Captain sip a cuppa and type stuff out on windows media player and also borrow a "bit" from matrix

Captain Vijaykanth - Soo

Path Breaking scene in Vanchinathan.

Captain Vijaykanth - Bulletproof

Classic sequence from Dharmapuri. The Taambaalam Scene

Captain Vijaykanth - Heart Surgery with Mobile

Great sequence from Sabari - The Sharp Knife...
"He can give life.. He can take life ..
For he is a sharp knife" :))

Captain Vijaykanth - Mortal Kombat

Captain kicks some serious ass... Watch him do Mortal Combat moves in Sabari

Captain Vijaykanth - Current

Classic Scene in Narasimha